Marketing & Sales


It’s not only the quality of our products that recommends them – they also look great. Alone or in cooperation with you, our own design office develops appealing designs for every target market.

Each year we devise two main and several auxiliary collections, as well as separate collections for the trade. To support our brands we offer you product catalogues, PoS materials and an attractive shop-in-shop system.

For label packaging, packing design or other special requirements, we can support you either in private labelling or with our own brands.

Sales & Marketing

We look after our customers comprehensively, reliably and professionally! From the first ideas through production to delivery of the finished product we are at your command with advice and action.

Our expert team, consisting of shop assistants, designers and product specialists, identifies optimal solutions that meet your specific requirements and implements them professionally and reliably!

About our service

° Innovation, readiness and international expertise

° Support for our customers with material selection and production techniques

° Development of individual solutions and production monitoring

° Explanation of technical possibilities

° Coordination of production process and delivery time

° Immediate availability of a wide range of products

° Global and reliable logistics

° Central or decentralized delivery of goods up to customers demand

° Best price offer due to production at own factory